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Higher education and research paths for more innovative, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems
What we do

Boosting Education and Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems

Fooder is a network of universities, firms and public institutions based in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) committed to promoting sustainable development and innovation in the agri-food sector.

We accomplish this by leveraging Emilia Romagna's vast heritage of study, research and excellence in the agri-food industry while also cultivating new talents. We equip students with skills, empower entrepreneurs, foster research collaborations and facilitate mutual exchange of expertise.


Our vision is to create global experts in nutrition and agriculture

By means of interactive education models, we bridge academia and industry to foster innovation. We seek to promote positive policy influences and aspire to become a reference point in food, nutrition, health, and sustainability.

Fooder for Students

Empowering Global Food Solutions through Inter-university Excellence

We design interuniversity international study programmes, establishing the region Emilia-Romagna as an attractive hub for international talents. 

We aim to foster a continuous flow of high-level expertise to address the challenges posed by the complexity of the global food system.

From our students

What do former students say about the course in Food Safety and Food Risk Management?

The master's program in Food Safety and Food Risk Management is an example of excellence in advanced education on food with an international focus. Our students are constantly growing and come from all parts of the world.

After completing my three-year course in Biology, I wanted to complement my education with something new that could open doors for me in the food industry, which has always been a great interest of mine. Food Safety and Food Risk Management immediately struck me as an extremely innovative and interesting course, capable of providing all the necessary tools for managing food risks. We attended lectures with professors who were deeply connected to the food industry, and they imparted high-level knowledge that will be very useful for our future profession. The instructors were always very present, not only during the course, but especially in the crucial final moments. I can say that reality exceeded my highest expectations.

Alessia Caprio

Master's holder in Food Safety and Food Risk Management

I enrolled in 'Food Safety and Food Risk Management' with the expectation of gaining the knowledge to produce and handle food in a safe and healthy manner. My expectations were not only met but exceeded. The reason is that all the courses I took during this master's program were complementary and provided me with a broader perspective and knowledge of food safety and food quality control/management. In my opinion, the strength of this course lies in the options available in the second year, which allow you to choose from three specific programs. A whole semester dedicated to a particular curriculum certainly ensures greater depth and specialization.

Kadupe Olanike Babalola

Master's holder in Food Safety and Food Risk Management

After completing my three-year studies in Food Science, I began looking for a master's program that would allow me to delve deeper into both nutrition and food safety aspects. That's when I discovered the Food Safety and Food Risk Management program. No other Italian university had a similar curriculum! Furthermore, the fact that it was taught in English was definitely an added value to my choice.

Matilde Milana

Master's holder in Food Safety and Food Risk Management

Fooder for business

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector

Fooder works alongside top players in the agri-food sector, actively involving them in the development of training programmes and ensuring a steady supply of highly skilled personnel.

In addition, Fooder strives to support the growth of our production chains by fostering the emergence of innovative businesses in the food sector, including service and product providers, as well as technology startups and public-private partnerships.

Why join the network

Fooder: an advantageous model for businesses

Fooder is an evolving project. We are trying to expand our network of collaborations to include all the Emilia-Romagna players who espouse this vision and crave to bring added value to the project. What are the advantages for participating companies?

  • 01

    Global talent networking: shaping future professionals

    The opportunity to make acquaintance with talents from all over the world to identify the professional figures of tomorrow.

  • 02

    Co-designing to grow together

    Involvement in the identification of training requirements, co-planning of courses and teaching activities.

  • 03

    Unlocking Food Sector's Multidisciplinary Potential

    Awareness of the multidisciplinary potential of the food sector in terms of research and support for corporate innovation.

  • 04

    Endless training

    Continuous staff training on specific themes and emerging problems (from the company Academy to permanent training with Universities).

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