Fooder for business

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector

Fooder works alongside top food companies and encourages their active involvement in its training programmes' development, thus ensuring a steady supply of highly skilled personnel.
Our model

Moving beyond actual training programmes

In response to the challenges arising from food systems, it is essential to establish new models for the design and implementation of university study programmes

We seek to do so by engaging food companies and farmers, encouraging the participation of professionals in our educational activities, increasing the number of students who take part in carefully designed experiential activities within the corporate context, promoting joint activities during training courses and seminars, as well as cultural exchange programmes that involve both universities and firms.


With Fooder, leading agri-food companies will become an integral part of the training process, contributing to the co-design and full implementation of training courses.

Why join the network

Fooder: an advantageous model for businesses

Fooder is an evolving project. We are trying to expand our network of collaborations to include all the Emilia-Romagna players who espouse this vision and crave to bring added value to the project. What are the advantages for participating companies?

  • 01

    Global talent networking: shaping future professionals

    The opportunity to make acquaintance with talents from all over the world to identify the professional figures of tomorrow.

  • 02

    Co-designing to grow together

    Involvement in the identification of training requirements, co-planning of courses and teaching activities.

  • 03

    Unlocking Food Sector's Multidisciplinary Potential

    Awareness of the multidisciplinary potential of the food sector in terms of research and support for corporate innovation.

  • 04

    Endless training

    Continuous staff training on specific themes and emerging problems (from the company Academy to permanent training with Universities).

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