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We design inter-university international study programmes to make the region Emilia-Romagna an attractive hub for international talents.
The role of universities and businesses

Sustainable innovation is a challenge no one can face alone

To train and prepare future agri-food experts, coordination between universities, businesses, and public bodies is essential, along with a radical and innovative co-planning spirit.

Scholars and industry professionals have the crucial task of developing innovative solutions to make sure that all people have equitable access to nutritious and safe food while reducing the environmental impact of the food system.


A high-level university education ensures a solid and innovative knowledge base to tackle the complexity of present and future challenges.

I discovered the Food Safety and Food Risk Management course during an internship in Denmark, after completing my three years of studies. I expected a lively teaching method, with lectures and group work, in an international environment where I could compare and enrich diverse knowledge and study paths. I also counted on highly specialized internship opportunities to facilitate entry into the workforce. My expectations were largely met, especially regarding how it was taught and the possibility of entering the workforce. I can confidently say that the acquired knowledge represents a fundamental and irreplaceable foundation.

Riccardo Soldesti

MSc in Food Safety and Risk Management, University of Parma

To achieve our vision

Knowledge hybridization and experiences in the food sector

We seek to create a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem in which education, research, business and public policies work together to promote healthy, sustainable and accessible agri-food systems for all, thus improving the health of people and the quality of their lives, all the while protecting the ecosystems.


To make this vision come true, we are committed to implementing interactive and innovative educational models based on the latest technologies and teaching methodologies.

Fooder provides its students with high-level theoretical and practical learning opportunities, internships at companies operating in the agri-food sector and collaborations with leading researchers. This way, we will prepare a new generation of highly qualified experts ready to make a difference.

I enrolled in 'Food Safety and Food Risk Management' with the expectation of gaining the knowledge to produce and handle food in a safe and healthy manner. My expectations were not only met but exceeded. The reason is that all the courses I took during this master's program were complementary and provided me with a broader perspective and knowledge of food safety and food quality control/management. In my opinion, the strength of this course lies in the options available in the second year, which allow you to choose from three specific programs. A whole semester dedicated to a particular curriculum certainly ensures greater depth and specialization.

Kadupe Olanike Babalola

Master's holder in Food Safety and Food Risk Management

Second cycle degree course

Food safety and food risk management

An inter-university course in top departments for agribusiness sciences, managed by University of Parma, University of Bologna, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Piacenza campus), University of Ferrara, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

First Level Master

Food and Wine Tourism

Established by the University of Modena Reggio Emilia as part of the Fooder project, the Professional Master Programme in Food & Wine Tourism stands out as an excellent advanced training opportunity in the Food & Wine tourism sector.

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