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The founding members of the project

Fooder is a partnership currently including 4 public universities (UNIPR, UNIMORE, UNIBO and UNIFE), the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza (UNICATT) and the Agribusiness Clust-ER.
Who we are

Building a network to educate the future change makers in the food industry

Fooder is an ambitious project aimed at bringing about a change in the design and development of university courses to meet the educational needs of professional figures capable of addressing current and future challenges in the agri-food sector.

Fooder stems from the collaboration of various entities aspiring to create an international model, an example of virtuous integration between research, production, and education.

The project involves five universities (University of Parma, which coordinates the project, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Bologna Alma Mater, University of Ferrara, and Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza), which have formed an association in collaboration with businesses and public entities.

Among our prestigious collaborators are the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Clust-ER Agri-food, as well as significant companies in the agri-food sector that are a source of pride for our region.

Our goal is to promote increasingly closer and robust cooperation, involving a growing number of companies and entities rooted in the territory and the agri-food sector. This will enable us to jointly develop new international training programs in English for future professionals, through open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and the contribution of international experts.


We are open to new collaboration proposals from local agri-food companies and invite those interested to contact us through the dedicated form. Join us in this important project to further consolidate our efforts.
Why join the network

Fooder: an advantageous model for businesses

Fooder is an evolving project. We are trying to expand our network of collaborations to include all the Emilia-Romagna players who espouse this vision and crave to bring added value to the project. What are the advantages for participating companies?

  • 01

    Global talent networking: shaping future professionals

    The opportunity to make acquaintance with talents from all over the world to identify the professional figures of tomorrow.

  • 02

    Co-designing to grow together

    Involvement in the identification of training requirements, co-planning of courses and teaching activities.

  • 03

    Unlocking Food Sector's Multidisciplinary Potential

    Awareness of the multidisciplinary potential of the food sector in terms of research and support for corporate innovation.

  • 04

    Endless training

    Continuous staff training on specific themes and emerging problems (from the company Academy to permanent training with Universities).

Would you like to be involved in Fooder? Let's talk.

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