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The agri-food supply chain represents a strategic sector for the development and territorial cohesion of the Region Emilia-Romagna, with significant impacts in terms of employment, production of excellence, and the rise of leading companies at the European and international levels.

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For this reason, the Region has promoted sizeable investments in innovation, research, technological transfer and specialised agri-food skills, always putting cooperation with the knowledge system at the centre of this process. 


The agri-food system also benefits from national and European funds to facilitate the internationalisation and competitiveness of agri-food production in the global markets.

Emilia-Romagna is home to impactful projects and extensive experiences in quality farming and agri-food supply chains. Moreover, it hosts an advanced network of Universities, Research Centres, and Clusters specialised in the food sector.


The Region hosts the European Food Safety Authority headquarters

Established and financed by the European Union under Regulation 178/2002 of the General Food Law, the European Food Safety Authority operates independently of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States. 

Acting as a scientific advice and communication body on the risks associated with the food chain, the EFSA develops opinions that will later form the basis of European legislation and policies on these topics.


The Food Valley

Parma at the centre of the Food Valley

Located in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna Food Valley, Parma is the first Italian city designated as a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy; over the centuries, its geographical position and cultural history allowed for the development of excellent products, relevant industries and innovative food preservation technologies, which eventually gave birth to a true Food Culture.


The research system

Research and innovation on the challenges of sustainable and precision agriculture

Emilia-Romagna also supports agri-food research and innovation through its regional Smart Specialisation Strategy, with a specific focus on sustainable and precision agriculture challenges, such as:

  • enhancing the quality, safety and traceability of production processes and food-related products, including the improvement of machinery and systems and other aspects connected to the health and well-being of consumers;

  • promoting the valorisation of production by-products and waste, with particular attention to biomasses coming from the agri-food sector, forestry, marine resources and energy crops to obtain components with high added value for both agriculture itself

  • and the food, feed, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and personal care industries.
    digitalisation of the agri-food system.

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