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The origins of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia date back to around 1175, when Pillio da Medicina, a doctor of law active in Bologna, was invited to Modena by the ruling elite of the Municipality to open a legal education school focused on Roman law. As such, it is one of the oldest European universities, after those of Bologna and Paris.

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Since its early days, the University has represented the fulcrum of scientific, cultural and social life, progressively expanding to become an active and dynamic multidisciplinary University, albeit through the changing fortunes connected with the local political transformations that occurred over the centuries.

With around 30,000 students enrolled in level I, II and III courses of study and over 1,400 employees, including teachers, researchers and technical-administrative staff, UniMoRe is among the most sizeable universities in Italy.


The University is organised as a network of branches (Modena and Reggio Emilia) with 13 Departments and 2 Faculties/Schools, including those hosted by the cities of Mantua and Carpi (accredited locations of degree courses), as well as inter-departmental centres scattered throughout the two provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia fulfilling additional teaching, research and third mission duties, including support services and technology transfer activities.


UniMoRe combines innovative research activities in many areas of cultural, scientific and technological relevance with excellent teaching practices that are always attentive to the expectations of the business world, open to technological evolution and capable of integrating both basic and highly specialised skills to promote sustainability, public health and inclusive social development.


As for Research, UniMoRe supports the activity and attractiveness of its departments and centres, along with the quality and quantity of researchers committed to supporting and strengthening the cultural and scientific vitality of the different thematic and disciplinary areas of the University. Over the 2018-2022 five-year period, the funds allocated to finance internal tenders totalled approximately 8 million euros.


Researchers at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia produced over 7000 scientific publications in the last four years. Approximately four thousand appeared in international scientific journals as direct publications, while the remaining three thousand emerged from collaborations with other researchers from foreign universities and research centres.

UniMore in the agrifood sector

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is an active player in teaching and researching the different phases and value chains of the agri-food sector, from production to preservation, up to the research and development of new biomaterials and the reuse of processing residues.

In addition to the strategic Food Project coordinated by the University of Parma – for which it hosts one of the curricula of the inter-university master's degree in Food Safety and Food Risk Management - the University is active in the biennial organisation of a Summer School in collaboration with the University of CAEN – Normandy.


Some projects financed through regional competitive tenders (ROP-ERDF and RDP-GOI) are also part of the same context, as they concern the protection and maintenance of regional agricultural resources. At the regional level, the University is accredited by EFSA (article 36 of the EFSA Founding Regulation) and participates in the Agri-food Clust-ER.


The competitiveness of the University's research projects also relies on competitive national funding programmes for waste recovery and reuse in the food industry. At the European level, the University partakes in projects financed under the H2020 programme on issues such as circular economy, food waste recovery and bioplastic technologies applied to food packaging. Unimore also participates in the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking - BBI JU.

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