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Call for Application in the Inter-university Master Programme in Food and Wine Tourism

The English-language expert course organised by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia for new Food and Wine Tourism practitioners.
Published: 01/15/2024
The call for applications for the annual Inter-University Master Programme in Food and Wine Tourism has been officially announced. Interested candidates are required to submit their applications by the deadline of 11:59 PM on June 5th.

The Fooder project aims to promote innovation in the "Agri-Food" sector of the Emilia-Romagna region by enhancing international inter-university educational offerings in English. This is intended to prepare professionals capable of competing in the current and future global job market.


The Master Programme aims to provide theoretical-methodological knowledge and practical skills for analysing territorial and business contexts related to the potential of new or existing tourism activities, with a specific focus on the food and wine sector. It also covers knowledge of the evolution of tourist demand, understanding different segments, and the contextual conditions required in various cases. Participants will gain expertise in applying methods and tools for decision-making, ideation, and design of appropriate tourism products. Additionally, the programme includes knowledge and practical skills in managing tourist flows, territorial planning, and integration, as well as organising personnel in the tourism sector. Cross-functional skills such as communication, teamwork, learning, and proficiency in English are emphasised. Furthermore, participants will acquire knowledge and practical skills in using appropriate tools for customer analysis, communication, and building long-term relationships, along with interpretative tools and methods for management control.


The objective of the Food and Wine Tourism Master course is to train professionals who can create, design, implement, and manage experiential tourism products related to Food and Wine. These products will have diverse expressions and they will help to promote tourism in different types of organisations such as: tour operators and travel agencies; agri-food consortia and Food & Wine associations that promote their territory and its typical products; agri-food and food and wine companies that can establish experiential paths on the local and national gastronomic and oenological processes and products; institutions and other local bodies that develop policies and promotional activities for integrated and territorial tourism; tourism promotion service companies and other firms that provide support for tourist activities in general.



Admission Requirements

1. Educational Background: a) All first-level degree classes (according to D.M. n. 509/99 and D.M. n. 270/04); b) Degrees obtained under the pre-reform regulations of D.M. n. 509/99; c) Equivalent qualifications.
2. English Language Proficiency: At least B1 level, officially certified.






September 2024 – June 2025

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